Recipe #4: PORK LIVER STEAK (Bistek Style)

I used to hate liver when I was a child, but my lola insisted for me to eat liver because she said it’s rich in Iron. I was anemic, and I wasn’t fond of iron-rich vegetables such as ampalaya and malunggay. So, in order for my lola to make me eat liver, she cooked Pork Liver Steak which has a flavor similar to bistek (local version of beef steak).

Nowadays, this recipe is one of my favorites. Even my friends who don’t like liver tasted this dish and agreed that it’s really good.

How to do it? Here’s a quick and easy recipe for you:

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Recipe #3: TINOLANG MANOK (Chicken Tinola)

Another Filipino classic, Chicken Tinola is a chicken stew in ginger and green papaya. The aroma of ginger and chili leaves (or malunggay leaves) is a typical flavor in many Asian cuisine.

Many people prefer using native chicken (or organic chicken), which is said to be a healthier alternative, though the meat is tougher and requires a longer time to cook. Whatever your type of chicken meat you prefer, you can use the recipe below:

Tinolang Manok - Chicken Tinola

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Recipe #2: PORK MENUDO

My second recipe is the classic Pork Menudo. You seldom go to a carinderia and not find Pork Menudo on the menu.

Pork Menudo is a pork stew combined with vegetable and spices. The sweetness of raisins and the spice of pepper create an explosion of flavor in your mouth. Although, it takes some time to prepare the ingredients because of all the chopping and slicing, the cooking process is easy since all you have to do is dump everything into the pan

This Pork Menudo version is a little different as it lacks the usual red sauce from tomato sauce/paste because there’s something less authentic about red sauces, hence the sauce is created from scratch.

The good thing with Pork Menudo is that you can omit some of the ingredients depending on your preference (for example, you may not add liver if you don’t like it). Some of the ingredients, however, are special and may be included if served in a special occasion.

Pork Menudo Recipe

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