The Infamy of Balut

Tasty. Juicy. Evil. It’s given. Not many foreigners would even get close to this delicacy. It looks safe from the outside, but dangerous on the inside. Who would have thought about boiling an under-developed duck embryo and eat it afterwards? They say this delicacy originated from the Chinese way back the history of the Philippines. It doesn’t really matter. I like balut and I don’t even know why. Would you dare?

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One of the popular Filipino chicken dishes is the Chicken Afritada, probably next to Chicken Tinola.

Chicken Afritada is a saucy chicken stew with vegetables, such as potatoes and carrots. Onions are added last because we don’t want them to be overly cooked. The mild sweetness of onions and green peas combined with the savory flavor of the rest of the ingredients make Chicken Afritada a popular dish among Filipinos.

Chicken Afritada

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Recipe #12: ADOBONG BABOY (Pork Adobo)

This is a very basic Adobong Baboy or Pork Adobo recipe. In contrast to my first Adobong Baboy recipe, this one has the usual thick sauce, although both are addictively delicious.

The great thing with adobo is that it has a longer shelf life especially if kept in the fridge. One of its main ingredients, vinegar, helps in semi-preserving the food which shuns spoilage.

Follow the recipe below in two easy steps!

Adobong Baboy - Pork Adobo recipe

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