Blogged: Lola’s Top 3 Android Apps for Food Lovers

Eeek! My food blog was hijacked!

I’ve been freakin’ out for the past weeks because I couldn’t get into my blog’s dashboard. There was an error on my WordPress log in page, and the ignoramus in me had no idea what was causing it. I’m not exactly the best person to ask about technology and programming, you know. But thanks to my friend, Mij, who tweaked some codes on my blog to resolve the problem. And now I’m back!

Speaking of techie, and being an Android fan myself (yes, I like keeping myself updated with the latest news in tech and gadgets), I made a list of some of the best Android apps for all the techie Pinoy foodies out there — something that you may find useful when you’re out for lunch or while you’re prepping something nice for dinner.

So, ready your Android devices, open the Google Play app, and download my top 3 favorite Android apps for food lovers:

1. Jamie Oliver 20 Minute Meals (P334.34)

Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals is probably one of the best Android apps that I’ve seen when it comes to design and ease of use. It includes beautifully organized features, such as recipes, shopping checklist, and instructional videos. The recipe tab showcases quick-and-easy dishes and step-by-step procedures as if Jamie is right beside you in the kitchen. You can literally hear him speak to give you tips as you browse through a recipe. Seriously.

Albeit it doesn’t have a lot of recipes, one of my favorite features of the app is the instructional videos. The videos were selected and compiled to provide you with fantastic tips as you learn your way around the kitchen. Some of the videos include how to chop onions, stir-frying tips, and cooking the perfect steak.

The downside is, you have to download the video files if you want to watch them, and that means they will take a lot of space on your phone memory. Aside from that, it comes with a hefty price tag. I bought mine when it was on sale (about P10) which is a huge slash from its original price. Nevertheless, I recommend this app for first-time cooks because of its intuitive, amazing graphics and rich contents.


2. Foodspotting (Free)

You’re in an unfamiliar city and you want to try its local cuisine. Or perhaps, you’re a tourist or an expat, and you just miss your hometown’s specialty dish. You want to check if there’s local restaurant that serves it, but you’re not familiar with the whereabouts of the best food places. So, to spare you from the trouble of having a trial-and-error run, Foodspotting is here to help you.

Social media has definitely conquered the food industry with this app. According to its website, Foodspotting is not about restaurants, it’s about the dishes. With this app, you can easily find your favorite dish, check the reviews of other users who have tried the dish, and navigate the map to locate the place where it can be found. Not only that, you can also take pictures, and share and recommend dishes to your friends via Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, and Flickr.

No negative reviews, because the app makers believe that when you’re hungry, all you want to know is where to find the best dishes that people love. Foodspotting is also available on iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.


3. Evernote Food (Free)

If you’re the type of foodie who loves to take pictures of his meal before it goes into his mouth, Evernote Food is the app for you. Just like its sister app, Evernote, Evernote Food is a gorgeous tool to take note and track all the great food that you’ve had, whether it’s from your favorite restaurant or at home.

It’s basically a food journal that you can also share to your friends via your favorite social networking site. Beyond pictures, its main purpose is to keep records of the food you enjoy and love. You can tag the location via Foursquare to help you remember the place or restaurant where you had the most succulent steak or the creamiest cheesecake. Keep a file of various menus, recipes, and food products in a very organized manner. Not only that — with Evernote Food, you can document your food intake which makes it a great tool for weight watchers.

Evernote Food is also available for iOS devices.


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