SHOPBACK: Eating, Traveling, and Online Shopping with Cashback!


When I discovered the convenience of online shopping years ago, my life has changed! Back in the days, I had to visit the local travel agent in order to purchase a ticket or book a hotel or go to the mall to shop. They still exist, of course. I still enjoy going to the market to buy goods, but we can’t deny the convenience that online shopping has brought into our lives. It saves us time, effort, and money!

And speaking of saving money, have you heard of Do you remember those vouchers and coupons and other perks that we get to enjoy when we do our shopping at the supermarket or at the mall? Shopback works in a similar way, but better! It gives you back a portion of your money when you shop using its service. This means that consumers, like you and me, get more value for their money.

Watch this video to learn more about how Shopback works:

If you like online shopping, there’s no reason for you not to love Shopback. You don’t have to pay for anything or change the way you shop. All you need is to do is “activate your cashback” on their website and you’re all set. You can shop as you normally would while earning cash in your Shopback account.

Shopback is affiliated with hundreds of merchants all over the world. I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with at least one of them. You can check out all the merchants on their website, but these are the top three stores on my list:

TRAVEL. If you know me well, you’d know that I love to travel. Perhaps, next to food. My favorite website to book my accommodations is simply because they have the best rates that one can possibly have. With Shopback, there are available coupons before paying which you can enjoy. This means that not only you can save money from the ongoing discount promos, you also get a cashback from them!

Shopback -
When your hotel reservation service is as old as your hotel room.

FOOD DELIVERY. Starving? You can also order food from your favorite restaurants with Foodpanda, one of the biggest mobile food delivery services in the world. To enjoy big discounts, simply go to Shopback’s website or mobile app, apply Foodpanda vouchers for best prices, and pick the food that you’d like to order. And just like your hotel booking, you don’t only get the best deals, you can also get some cashback!

GROCERY SHOPPING. Did you know that you can now shop for groceries online? This service is quite new in the country, but thanks to Honestbee, it is now possible. Honestbee is Asia’s leading online concierge and delivery service. Although my favorite service that they offer is grocery shopping, they also deliver food from your favorite local restaurants. And of course, you also get cashback and discounts when you order through Shopback!

Shopback - Honestbee
Have you prepared your shopping list?

MORE GOOD NEWS. This September, ShopBack’s biggest Cashback day is happening! You can enjoy as much as 99% cashback on your various goods and services. Enjoy huge savings, from your hotel and transportation bookings to food deliveries and online shopping. Click here to find out about 9.9 Rewards day at ShopBack.

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