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GJ Coleco has been blogging since 2005. For 27 years, he had lived in the self-proclaimed food capital of Metro Manila—the City of Malabon (known for its patis, pancit, and kakanin), with his paternal lola (grandmother) and aunt.

During those times, he had developed his passion for the Filipino cuisine. The times that he spent in the kitchen with his grandmother and aunt at a very young age exposed him in various ways of preparing and cooking local dishes.

His inherent love of food made him aspire to become a chef someday. Unfortunately, his family could not afford the costly culinary education in the country, and his parents’ earnings could barely support his and his siblings’ education. But that did not stop him from pursuing his passion for cooking — hence, the creation of this food blog.

The passing of his aunt and his grandmother inspired him to start this food blog in 2008. This blog was primarily intended as a personal space to remember the wonderful times with the people who took care of him; a place to collect all the delicious recipes that he learned as he was growing up.

Online readers eventually increased over the years. Later on, he decided to make this food blog as a venue for sharing recipes and kitchen tips with everyone who appreciates traditional Filipino dishes and food preparation.

GJ now lives on the outskirts of Metropolitan Manila with his parents and his dog Francis.


  1. Im sure your auntie and lola is proud of this blog. Ive just started to cook again, my parents taught me at a very young age too but I hate cooking then and until this day Im still very bad at it. 😛 Now Im reading your blog to teach myself some cookin’.

  2. How’s Francis?(ohhhh I love dogs) It’s nice to know that there’s always a way to show that we do still care for and we do still love our grand parents beyond the stars, and not even death could make us forget them. Ohhh how I missed my grand papa, this line makes my heart melt “His exposure in the kitchen and his love for food made him aspire to become a chef someday.” May you achieve your dream my friend. There’s always a room for learning. God bless you. and take care Ki o tsukette kudasai!

  3. hehehhe ngulat ako,i just was reading squids recipe biglang nandito n!!so inspiring story..nice blog!!!!!!!!!god bless 🙂

  4. I found my way here from another blogger’s site. I am compelled to write to commend you on the wonderful tribute to the women who raised you. It’s a coincidence that I am also originally from Malabon, raised by my grandparents and aunt, all of whom passed many decades ago and a UP graduate as well. Many happy writings! Good luck.

  5. Hi GJ! What a coincidence! I was browsing for Tuna Pesto Pasta Recipe and I came to your website. Nagulat ako when I was reading comments and saw ur name! I have no idea that you’re into cooking. I’m so proud of you! Guess i’ll pm you in fb.

  6. now trying your paksiw na pata recipe…halfway pa lang gutom na mga anak ko sa amoy! God bless and keep posting more recipes. 🙂

  7. Kamukha mo si Agassi, mag tennis karin Bro. Malay mo – mukhang talented ka naman eh. I’m cooking your adobong baboy right now. Good luck sa iyo – I think you’ve done justice sa lola at auntie mo. See you and all the best!

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