Lola’s 2017 Holiday Kitchen Wish List

2017 Holiday Kitchen Wish List

I have never really made a wish list before so this one is going to be the first on this blog. I wrote this piece for a certain project which never materialized because of an unfortunate event. But then, I realized, I already made the list so, what the heck, let’s publish it anyway.

Although this is a list of kitchen items that I personally want to receive (or dream of buying), feel free to use it as a guide or inspiration when you plan to shop for holiday gifts for people whose passion is cooking. Some are more expensive than the others. Some can be bought locally while some may require international shipping. Shipping costs may be free or not. Check the website for further details.

Happy holiday shopping! 🙂

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SHOPBACK: Eating, Traveling, and Online Shopping with Cashback!


When I discovered the convenience of online shopping years ago, my life has changed! Back in the days, I had to visit the local travel agent in order to purchase a ticket or book a hotel or go to the mall to shop. They still exist, of course. I still enjoy going to the market to buy goods, but we can’t deny the convenience that online shopping has brought into our lives. It saves us time, effort, and money!

And speaking of saving money, have you heard of Do you remember those vouchers and coupons and other perks that we get to enjoy when we do our shopping at the supermarket or at the mall? Shopback works in a similar way, but better! It gives you back a portion of your money when you shop using its service. This means that consumers, like you and me, get more value for their money.

Watch this video to learn more about how Shopback works:

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How to select fresh produce

You’re reading my blog right now probably because we share a common interest—we both love Filipino food. But our passion for the local cuisine should not start in the kitchen; it begins at the market. Knowing how to check the freshness of the foods and ingredients that you buy is just as important as cooking and food preparation.

Whether you shop at your neighborhood palengke or a posh supermarket, picking the freshest produce is a skill that one learns from experience. The freshness of the food that you buy will definitely affect the outcome of the food or dish that you prepare.

How to select fresh produce

I personally love grocery shopping and going to the market. There’s something about it that I find therapeutic. But I also understand that not everyone likes doing this chore, so I’ll make it easier for you with some of my tips on how to pick the best and the freshest produce. But first, here are my rules of thumb:

  • Support your local public or farmers’ market.
  • Use your senses of touch, smell, sight, and hearing. Taste if possible.
  • Preferably, shop in the morning. The early bird catches the worm!
  • Buy produce in season for the best price and taste.
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