Blogged: On TV, Print, and Gratitude

Hello, everyone!

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for your continuous support of this blog. It has been almost five years since this food blog started. There were some challenges along the way to the point that I almost gave up on keeping it updated. But because of my faithful readers throughout the years, I am inspired to stay to keep it up and running.

Creating a food blog (or any kind of blog, for that matter) and maintaining it are two completely different things — the former being easier that the latter. Keeping it active is not an easy task, especially for someone with a really busy schedule. However, there’s a sense of reward and fulfillment every time I hear (and read) really nice words from you. For that, I thank you.

Mga Luto ni Lola
The blog’s old logo with the original Blogspot URL.

And because of your constant support, I’m proud to share with you that Mga Luto ni Lola has consistently been one of the highest [Google] ranking food blogs in the country, sometimes even beating many of the really well-known food blogs. In fact, this blog is even more popular than the blogger behind it. And that’s okay, because it was never my intention to be popular anyway.

Mga Luto ni Lola also paved the way to so many doors for me — from social media management to job opportunities to even writing a book. I also had my own share of failures though, but at least I get to meet really amazing people who believe in me and in what I am capable of doing. And I guess that’s the best thing that happened to me more than anything else. Not to mention, all the sponsors and media companies who have supported me all the while.

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Of Holidays and Birthdays

Considering that several holidays were celebrated in the past couple of months, I feel that I failed to deliver what this blog was supposed to provide. Most food blogs had shared with their readers some great recipes for the holidays. I wish I had also done so. But unfortunately, time did not permit.

So many things occupied my time and kept me from updating this blog for the past couple of months. I’m actually amazed that there are still people visiting my blog and sending me e-mails even if there were no recent postings. Juggling my time with work, school, and personal life is not easy — to say it mildly — despite that I’ve been working and studying from home for more than three years now.

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The Infamy of Balut

Tasty. Juicy. Evil. It’s given. Not many foreigners would even get close to this delicacy. It looks safe from the outside, but dangerous on the inside. Who would have thought about boiling an under-developed duck embryo and eat it afterwards? They say this delicacy originated from the Chinese way back the history of the Philippines. It doesn’t really matter. I like balut and I don’t even know why. Would you dare?

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