Back in Manila

I am surprised how many people are actually reading this blog. I really appreciate. But I guess I would appreciate it more if everyone would try a recipe or two. Then send me your comments. I love reading them!

I am still in the middle of job hunt since I got back from Iloilo, haven’t had any luck yet. Sorry, I still haven’t posted anything in a while. Anyway, my family and I are sharing recipes lately. I can’t wait to post some of them here.

But first things first. I need a job so I can buy a new computer. Right now, I’m in an Internet cafe while posting this. My old PC crashed since I left it when I went to Iloilo for work. So if you can help me get a job, I would really appreciate it. Seriously.

Again, thanks everyone. I promise I’ll update this blog really soon. Godspeed. 😉

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