Recipe #5: FILIPINO FRIED CHICKEN (Pritong Manok)

This one needs no introduction. I’m pretty sure every kid will agree that fried chicken is on top of the list of their favorite foods. Because of the simplicity and versatility of this dish, and the variety of flavor, thanks to fastfood chains, several versions have been made.

My Lola‘s version of Fried Chicken is much simpler – marinate, simmer, fry. No batter and no extender. I like this better because it’s less greasy, since the batter tends to absorb oil during the cooking process. You also get more of the chicken because there’s no coating.

Prior to frying, the chicken must be boiled first until half-cooked. This is to make sure that the insides are cooked properly. That’s why, if you notice, the insides of some fried chicken are still raw. This is because the heat of the oil did not reach the inner parts.

Also, make sure that the chicken meat has been thawed properly before cooking. The best way to thaw chicken meat is by transferring them from the freezer to the fridge. This will defrost the chicken meat while slowing down the process of bacterial growth.

Pritong Manok - Filipino Fried Chicken

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Recipe #4: PORK LIVER STEAK (Bistek Style)

I used to hate liver when I was a child, but my lola insisted for me to eat liver because she said it’s rich in Iron. I was anemic, and I wasn’t fond of iron-rich vegetables such as ampalaya and malunggay. So, in order for my lola to make me eat liver, she cooked Pork Liver Steak which has a flavor similar to bistek (local version of beef steak).

Nowadays, this recipe is one of my favorites. Even my friends who don’t like liver tasted this dish and agreed that it’s really good.

How to do it? Here’s a quick and easy recipe for you:

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Recipe #3: TINOLANG MANOK (Chicken Tinola)

Another Filipino classic, Chicken Tinola is a chicken stew in ginger and green papaya. The aroma of ginger and chili leaves (or malunggay leaves) is a typical flavor in many Asian cuisine.

Many people prefer using native chicken (or organic chicken), which is said to be a healthier alternative, though the meat is tougher and requires a longer time to cook. Whatever your type of chicken meat you prefer, you can use the recipe below:

Tinolang Manok - Chicken Tinola

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